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Antwerp Central Station


Magazijnen Montevideo – Antwerpen II

Magazijnen Montevideo – Antwerpen

Antwerpen, cULTUURMARKT 2015

Antwerpen, cULTUURMARKT 2015

Antwerpen – Petroleum Zuid III

Antwerpen – Petroleum Zuid II

Antwerpen – Petroleum Zuid

In 1900, the city of Antwerp bought 54 hectares of the Hoboken Polder for 45,000 Belgian francs (1,115 euros) and in 1902, the construction work began. The ground was raised by 1,5 metres,… Continue reading

Vogelmarkt Antwerpen – Young Visitors


Vogelmarkt Antwerpen – Young Visitors.

My lovely Dog.