The Jump from the “Bus”.

Women at Work

Myanmar – Women at Work Road Construction  

Aureum Palace Hotel – Bagan – Myanmar

Aureum Palace Hotel A paradise, but belonging to a group who is not acting as correct. At this place lived Burmese farmers, who were being displaced, because the Bagan plain was classified “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE”. … Continue reading

Monforte d’Alba – Città alta.

Barbe à Papa

SINKSENFOOR – Antwerpen (Whitsun Fair – Antwerp)

Pomme d’Amour

SINKSENFOOR – Antwerpen (Whitsun Fair)   Fair – Antwerp)

Happy Kids

SINKSENFOOR – Antwerpen (Whitsun Fair – Antwerp)

In that place, everyone is happy

SINKSENFOOR – Antwerpen (Whitsun Fair – Antwerp)

SINKSENFOOR – Antwerpen (Whitsun Fair – Antwerp)

Ginger Days Breda – 2011

Redhead Day (Roodharigendag in Dutch) is the name of a Dutch summer festival that takes place each first weekend of September in the city of Breda, in the Netherlands. The two-day festival is… Continue reading