Caffè Rivoire

Enrico Rivoire – Fabbrica di Cioccolata a Vapore
Firenze – Piazza Signoria



In 1872 Enrico Rivoire, chocolatier of the Savoy royal family, he opened his own restaurant in Florence at the side of Piazza dellaSignoria, making the Florentine available all its experience. Today Rivoire is a point of reference for all lovers of good taste and delicacies combined with elegance. Here you can enjoy coffee and chocolate desserts accompanied by expertly prepare, according to old recipes, from pastry chef and chocolatier masters who, even today, as then, they work in our laboratories on the lower floor of the local. Inside, you will find a rich assortment of pralines and gift boxes. In addition, you can appreciate the delicious dishes of our restaurant combined with the wide range of wines and cocktails.