Antwerp: New Landmark is becoming Reality.

New Port House

The new headquarters for Antwerp Port Authority,

designed by the renowned firm of Zaha Hadid Architects, will put Antwerp on the world map not only economically but also architecturally.

Havenhuis 75


The new Port House on quay 63 will accommodate 500 members of personnel as well as providing a prestigious meeting place for the many international contacts of the Antwerp port community. The new building symbolises the dynamic, reliable, ambitious and innovative character of the port of Antwerp.

The new building will be a landmark on the Antwerp skyline with an architectural mix of old and new, consisting of a modern glass structure suspended over the historic Hansa House.

The beam-shaped upper structure stands on three pillars containing the lifts and stairs. Two of the pillars stand in the covered inner courtyard of the Hansa House, while the third stands outside it and houses a panoramic lift shaft. The outer skin of the suspended structure is all in glass, while the four outer walls of the historic building underneath have been perfectly preserved.
The new Port House, facts and figures:

• Steel plays the main structural role in the 102-tonne atrium roof, the 205-tonne columns and the 1500-tonne suspended structure. The perfect advertisement for Europe’s leading steel port!

• The wood for the 270 new window frames for the historic building was brought to Antwerp from Canada by container. Cargo from all over the world is carried to Europe via Antwerp by this environment-friendly means of transport, 365 days per year.

• Most of the 30,000 m³ of earth excavated to make way for the underground car park was carried away by barge. More than a third of the total volume of freight carried to and from the port of Antwerp goes by barge.

• Sustainability is a priority for the port of Antwerp. For example, the bricks used for restoration of the historic building and construction of the car park incorporate dredger spoil from the Scheldt.


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