Firenze – Contemplazione della Bellezza.


Asian tourists in Italy
Italy is present on the top 10 destinations where the Asians are willing to go on 2014 and 2015. It’s the first European one to appear in the list, and it’s overtaking France, Switzerland and Great Britain. They were more than 477,000 in Italy last year. Most of them were in Lombardy, where the capital is Milan, Tuscany, especially for Florence, Veneto, for Venice and Lazio for Roma. They stayed approximatively 6,3 days according to the Bank of Italy. China Tourism Academy reported that the satisfaction index of the Chinese people during their travels in Italy was at 76.98. This research was conducted in 24 countries and the best rated countries were Italy, the United States and Singapore. Italy attracts Chinese tourists because of their luxury shops. Some of the biggest high-end brands are in Italy like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. Indeed, Italy is considered as one of the best country to do shopping. Chinese tourists are usually people who are wealthy, and it means they can afford luxury products. Having luxury products is good in Asia. Some luxury brands are imported in China but they are more expensive than in other countries: for example, Louis Vuitton’s products are 30% more expensive in China than in Europe. So they take advantage of their travels to buy their luxury products. Milan is the favorite destination for the Chinese who want to do shopping. It represents approximatively 33% of all the luxury spending in Italy.

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