La storica “ditta Procacci” si trova nel cuore di Firenze, nell’antica e prestigiosa Via de’ Tornabuoni.
Gastronomia fondata nel 1885, con il suo patrimonio storico, artistico e artigianale, in breve tempo ha conquistato vasta fama tra i cittadini con le sue specialità legate alla lavorazione del tartufo che sono un’istituzione fiorentina rimasta ancora oggi intatta.

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The Procacci Company was born in the heart of Florence, on Via de Tornabuoni. Founded in 1885 by Leopoldo Procacci, with its historic legacy in artistry and handcraftsmanship, Procacci soon won vast recognition amongst the citizens, especially for its gastronomic specialties made with truffles, such as its famous sandwiches. In 1925 it was given the royal coat of arms by King Victor Emanuel III, with the certificate of the Royal House. Considered one of the most historic delicatessens in the city, even today Procacci still represents a classic meeting place for Florentines as well as the preferred destination for lovers of specialties made with truffles.  It’s owned by the famous Antinori wine family located across the street.


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