Pablo Gargallo – The Prophet – Middelheim Antwerp

Pablo Gargallo’s Prophet (St. John the Baptist) ,1933, is a bronze sculpture  92¼” H, 29¾” W, 18½” John the Baptist is known as the messenger of Christ – the link between the Old and New Testaments – last of the Prophets, the first of the Saints. He was a preacher and lived an ascetic life. He is usually shown as emaciated and unkempt in a tunic of animal skins, and these features Gargallo has atttempted to portray even tho the prophet’s body is depicted in a modernistic style only in outline. He is shown with his attribute – a reed cross with a long slender stem.  This is not the only way that John the Baptist was depicted – but the way that Gargallo chose.

My Vision 1
My Vision 1
My Vision 2
My Vision 2
My Vision 3
My Vision 3
Gargallo 1
Picture from professional photographer

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