Paco Renteria at Mano Mundo

Paco Renteria “Mariachi”

La Malaguena by Paco Renteria


Mexican guitar is one of the most representative Mexican musical instruments, its dazzling performance skills and passionate melodies can perfectly present romantic and wild feelings of the Latin nation. The Department of Arts Exchange of the National Centre  for the Performing Arts (NCPA), together with the Mexican Embassy in China, invited the famous Mexican guitarist (also composer) Paco Renteria and his band to hold the World Music Series No. 30 “Fascinating Mexico – Concert of Guitarist Paco Renteria” in the Arts Library and the Multi-functional Theatre in the evening of September 16, 2011 and in the afternoon of September 17, 2011.
From the same Mexican region that gave birth to master guitar player Carlos Santana, Jalisco, the land of Tequila and Mariachi shakes and trembles again to gives us another gift, the virtuoso guitar player Paco Renteria. An explosive latino passion combined with a sensual guitar playing in a new style created by Paco Renteria and properly named, Free Play.
With roots in gypsy flamenco, Afrikaans, oriental and progressive jazz rhythms, Free Play style melts them, liquefies them, resulting in a new sound, a new rhythm, which takes the listener through stages of sensuality and bliss. For the past seven years, this new musical style has taken Paco to over 2,500 presentations, having played for the masses, abroad, national television, state governors, ambassadors, and kings.
Among others, he has performed hand in hand with artists such as Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti. In addition, Steven Spielberg’s studio selected him for composing and performing the promotional soundtrack used in Mexico for the movie, The Legend of Zorro. Last February, he was appointed Ambassador of Mexican Music by President Felipe Calderon, especially for the Celebration of the Bicentenary of Mexican Independence and Centenary of Mexican Revolution.



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